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About Us

Faunapolis is a place where you can share interesting photos and stories about animals that live in this new kind of jungle we call town, city, or even backyard. These creatures are learning to live with us, and new symbiotic relations between them and us are creating an entirely different ecosystem. Will we ever be able to coexist in this newly edited habitat?

Our Mission Statement:

To admire those species struggling to survive in a world turned human. To document animal species living among us and their interactions with humankind by means of geographical information, images and interesting stories.

How Faunapolis Can Help You: 

If you have a photo of an animal and need to find its species, this is the place to post that picture and get help.

Our Logo:

Our logo is still in the works. We have chosen the Racoon as this animal has almost no respect for humans and their environment. Although this lack of respect is nowhere near our's for all other creatures.


Racoon steals minc coat