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We have organized the animal sightings in this page using the following categories:

  • Mammals. Include animals such as racoons, deer, squirrels, armadillos, moles, foxes, wild boar, mice, etc.
  • Birds. Includes ducks, doves, geese, cranes, gulls, chicken, pinguins, hawks, etc.
  • Reptiles & Amphibians. Includes, snakes, alligators, frogs, etc.
  • Insects & Bugs. Includes coackroaches, beetles, flies, lady bugs, butterflies, etc.
  • Slimy Critters. Snails, worms, leeches, and anything that look of slimy surface.
  • Fish & Water Creatures. Includes any type of fish and water creatures which you cannot classify in the previous categories.
  • Micro Fauna. Anything which cannot be seen by the naked eye, like mites, bacteria, amoebas, virus, etc.
  • Plants (why not?). While plants and trees are not part of the animal kingdom, there are many interesting stories to share about them and we wouldn't miss them for anything in the world.